November 13 - 16 2012
We exhibited
Euro Tier 2012
in Hannover,
Hall 23 booth G14

Building the new facility
Components of the already existing facility were integrated into a new grain cleaning, drying and storing facility.
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Schnieder hands over an additional mixed feed plant with an hourly capacity of 15 t/h on schedule in Hungary. The storage capacity of grain is 15,000 t.
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Schnieder receives a large order to construct a silo plant with a storage capacity of 4 x 12.000 t.
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Schnieder has successfully built and handed over a soybean warehouse with 12 soybean storage boxes of 3,000 m³ . The total storage capacity is 36,000 m³ of soybeans. Ships are unloaded via a stationary ship-to-shore crane. Conveyance from the quay to the soybean warehouse is done via a 250 m-long conveyor belt. A federal road measuring more than 12.00 m high is crossed to do so.
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Schnieder is expanding!

Another trainee was hired in 2009 and is being trained as a technical draftsman / designer. This is how Schnieder secures its next generations. (August 2009)
Successful at the EURO Tier 2010 from November 16 - 19

We successfully exhibited at the EURO Tier 2010 in Hanover and presented the newly developed grain mills SHM-22 and SHM-30. Approximately 1,800 exhibitors and over 150,000 attended the EURO Tier trade fair. 25,000 international visitors came to Hanover. The largest trade exhibition for animal husbandry and management worldwide set its records in 2008 with this fair.
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Schnieder receives another order from Hungary.

Schnieder creates a silo plant with 15,000 tons of storage capacity and a concentrated feed plant with an hourly output of 10 t/h. (April/May 2010)

Schnieder continues to expand its assembly services.

The number of the company´s own technicians has grown to 14 since February 2010 (February 2010) The corresponding assembly technology such as telescoping loaders, tool containers, service vehicles, tools, etc. has increased accordingly.
November 11 - 14 Eurotier 2008

We exhibited

Agritechnica 2007 was a success!

Hannover  November 13 - 17
Hall 17, booth 17B09

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1. Trade fair presentation for Eurotier 2006 in Hanover was successful.

We would like to thank all interested persons, colleagues and our customers for their visit.
Construction of a biodiesel plant.

Annual capacity: 60,000 t

Constructing a silo plant.

Capacity: 10,000 - 12,000 t

Mahlen & Mischen
feed plants
Storage warehouses
Grinding & mixing
Drying plants
Biodiesel plants
Silo plants
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